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My love for vinyl records and music came rather early.  My father was a professional soldier in the U.S. Army and I started already in early youth, with my pocketmoney heading for  the PX (supermarket for U.S. military personal overseas in the military base) and spending it there for records.  Later, I received at birthday once a record - Subscription for a classic series in which all the European classical composers famous European symphony orchestras were presented with photographs. Later  my own preference tended more in the Rhythm & Blues area. Later it moved forward to Rock 'n Roll and Rock.  Meanwhile I have an LP collection with over 2500 LP's - starting with records from the early 30s to the late '80s and mid-90s.

Already as a teenager I built for my two tape recorders and my two turntables simple mixers and experimented with electronic effect devices because a freind of mine was guitarplayer and I made wah effects devices and Sonic-Hall for him.

Later I had - after I moved  to Germany ( end of 1974 ) - bought component by component  for me an "acceptable"  audiosystem.  The  power amplifier was from Denon, the pre-amplifier was from Marantz, the speakers were from Sansui, one of the recordplayers was a Thorens TD126 (the classic) with an Ortofon moving coil system and the other  turntable an Elac with magnetic needle system for old records and shellack. For a long time, I was rather happy with this configuration, because I had to recognize the fact that I could not afford a really expensive  "high-end system".

However, I had to take note of the fact that among my friends were two real "freaks", their audiosystems were vastly superior in comparision to my system. One friend has a soundsystem with all components from Sansui and Magnavox Refencespeakers and other friend  swears on all the electronic components from Denon and Infinity servo static speakers.

I am a man who attempts things sometimes slowly, but then - for years - remain on the track.  
At the age of  30 I started to learn seriously all basics related to the subject of HiFi and the related subjects "from the root" to expand in the subsequent years progressively  my detailed expertise.

Some 10 years later I began to implement the learned and built step by step "High-End" - components in DIY.  The instructions presented on the following pages is one of the results of my 15 years of continuous studies with this issue and the result compares and overrules with any high-end speaker system on the market. On the contrary - so far any comparisons have occured they won the competition against all the other speakersystems  - not only in my opinion but also by the opinion of the owners of the compared speakersystems,  for they have paid high amounts.  Any comparison ended  that the others wanted to buy my speakersystems from me ......

A final note on the instructions: I believe that it is not enough, to follows simply some instructions. It is important to understand why you are doing something and what the consequences are if we deviate from the instructions, or if it is modified.  I therefore think it is absolutely appropriate to the subject to read all the texts. It would be difficult, for example, exactly  get the very same speaker to buy today.  When forced to deviate from instructions you can only ensure an equally high level, if you understand where, why and what criteria govern the selection of a particular speaker, if one looks around for a suitable alternative and what physical and electronical consequences/modifications result in the instructions by chosing an alternate speaker.






  basic thoughts about speakers and audiosystems 40
  basical operation modes of speakersystems 41
  What makes a good speakersystem and why do commercial systems lack ? 42
  How can I avoid these lacks ? 43
Basic thoughts on making a concept for a speakersystem. 44
  Basics on constructing Cases for Speakersystems 45
  Selection of Speakers  413
  Basics on designing crossovers 46
  Basics on crossovers 47
  First design stage of the system 48
  math and even more math on crossovers        49
  basics on the powerlevel of the speakers - basics on dB           400
  How to avoid resonace and standing waves in the case  401
  isolation or no isolation in the case  - stuff or not to stuff - that is the question ......  402
  Bassreflex or not - an if choice for bassreflex what has to be thought of ?   403
  second design of the system 404
  how to realize the crossovers 405
  what to think about when building the maincase 406
  how to make the subcases within the maincase            407
  how to realize a bassreflex in the maincase and what to think about  408
  how to integrate the speakers in the case   409
  cables in the system           410
  how to carry out the construction                        to be written 411
  which chambers must have isolation and how to realize that task        to be written 412
  how to construct and build a bassreflex in the maincase              to be written 414
  circuitplan of the crossover 415
  how to connect the cables in the case with the crossovers and with the backpanel terminals 416
  how to measure the speakerpower and how to equalize the parameters   417
  How to keep the system maintainable                     to be written 418
  final finish of the system                                              to be written 419
  operationtests of the system and measurements                         to be written


  these pages are still under construction !  

© Harro Walsh