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Modell and  Radio Control - Electronics

A few days ago i visited a website searching for information about an old motorcontroller for an radio controlled aircraft - and i realized that there ist a request out there for several circuits to be used in modells. I start now here to publish different kinds of electronic targeting to this concern. First of all there are some small and simple amplifiers to equipe modellships with sound. Later radiocontrolled switches and other circuits will be added.

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tubes and tubeamplifiers -

an old technic out of gone days that starts up now a revival

To get to the description of pending own projects related to tubeamplifiers please click here in the text.





Ultimate Solution - a reference speakersystem

In the section about tubeamps i have written about the refencesystem which took more than two years of time to build - now here is the description  and the explanation of the math to be solved while building that system. The efforts in building such a system are very high but in comparision to the result the cost is affordable. In Tests by comparing this system with other highend systems that are much more expensive the system beated every other competitor. Even Systems from Infinity and Magnavox could not reach the results of this system. Why this was predictable and unavoidable  ist explained in the pages that cover the basics of speakers and speakersystems.


BUZamp - oder : the never ending Story..... - that found an end...
1992 i read astory in the magazine elektor in which they published the description how to build a MOS-FET amplifier, that was claimed to have fantastic data and ought to be very stabile. I was that much amazed that i started immediatly to build that amplifier - and after the circuitboards had been etched and drilled i started to assemble the parts nearly up to the end - and then i had to recognize that the outputtransistors were not availiable any more......  looking closer to the aticle i recognized, that it had already been published in 1989 and that Siemens had shut down the pruduction of the Powertransistor BUZ23 in 1991.....

at this point the most people would have resigned from the project, but i don´t belong to that kind of men to resign at this point.... now after 15 years the project could be finalized - even though it was a difficult task to get the required powertransistors.. you can get them - mybe more expensive than they should be, because stockholders require overprice payment for them - but in rare opportunities the are offered at fair prices at ebay.... and the task pays.... the data of that amplifier and the sound is also today at the upper end of the highend class...







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